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"Your last chance Charlotte is in a hopeless situation. Completely unprepared, she learns from Dom Gladiator that he is a friend of her boss. He is absolutely dissatisfied with Charlotte's recent performance. The numbers don't add up. The suspicion is that she is secretly funneling money past the company. Her employment is in jeopardy. The experienced Dom is now to test her willingness and loyalty. He is given such power and is known to use it in his own favor. Either Charlotte shows commitment and does what the master wants her to do, or she loses her job. But she is dependent on that, and thus on the whims of the Dom. She realizes this quite quickly. At the latest when she has to masturbate exposed while the Dom stretches her rosette. Okay, what the hell, she even finds this a bit horny, and if that's all she has to do to keep her job, then she'll put up with it. All of it? To excuse her naivety, you have to admit that she doesn't know the Dom ... but such games don't seem to be foreign to her, the little bitch. Still during the masturbation, she makes a decision that she will possibly regret. Electricity, instead of strokes ... but what do you ultimately get from the stimulation current device? Electricity strokes. This is not enough for the Dom. He wants the message to be internalized. Apparently, he sees the reason for their poor sales figures in their undercooled appearance. So it makes sense to shock her sensitive holes with an ice-cold dildo. Soon she is to learn how much she underestimated the situation and its implications

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Fetisch by Sextermedia
Fetisch by Sextermedia

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