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Bett Duett: Decorating Sextape in Doggy Style!!HD 12:16
Decorating Sextape in Doggy Style!!

    Decorating Sextape in Doggy Style!!

    Published: 11.01.2024 More info Hide

    The Christmas tree is set up and decorated, the living room is festively decorated. All that's missing now is the bedroom. I know my boyfriend isn't that into decorating, but I love doing it all the more. That's why I used the last few hours to spruce up our bedroom. First a fir garland with a chain of lights on the bed, plus some decorations and finally an extravagant chain of lights on the window. The Christmas sweaters are already on, along with warm stockings. Looks pretty sexy without pants. If only the fairy lights would hold up now it would be perfect. I'm fiddling with the lights all the time and you'd much rather be fiddling with me. But of course I stick my tight ass in my boyfriend's face every time I hook the fairy lights. But I really hope he likes it. Because he's not the only one wanting more. How about some doggy style alongside the beautifully lit Christmas decorations.


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