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Sammie Cee: Boss's Payrise ProposalHD 15:03
Boss's Payrise Proposal

    Boss's Payrise Proposal

    Published: 01.01.2024 More info Hide

    You come into my office and act very sheepish, I'm quiet with you and ask you to get to the point. You shyly say you need a pay rise. After questioning you, and asking you to explain why you would deserve more than your colleagues, I came up with my little suggestion. You're an awful employee, I've only ever kept you on because I enjoy staring at you out of my office window, and I can think of many things you could do to make me and the company work a lot better. At this point my legs are spread wide in front of you, revealing my pussy up my skirt. The chairs in this office are very uncomfortable, your face looks a lot more appealing. I instruct you to come over and lie down, mount your face, and sit on it. Your boss's pussy on your face, your colleagues just the other side of the door, as I talk dirty, use your face for my pleasure, all the way to orgasm. I'm pretty sure we can come up with a new contract, including a pay rise if you're able to take on the new duties.


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