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Mesmerizing mind fuck! Cum like a woman! Like a never before!

Mistress Misha Goldy
17.01.2020 01:21:43
There are effects in this clip, Please listen with headphones for optimal experience I want to give you a very special, very hot experience.  I want to make you cum like you've never cum before.  I want to blow your mind, and expand it. Then first I need you to breathe with me.  I need you to go deep. Now feel that electric tingle, all over your skin.  Mmmm, it feels good enough to make you shiver.  The warm air is caressing your skin, stroking you like a lover.  Feel my voice like a hand, tracing down your arm, stroking your naked chest.  Do you like that?  Mmmm good boy.  You look so good, so vulnerable lying there.  It turns me on! In a moment, I'm going to come into the room with you.  I'm going to sit on the bed, and whisper in your ear.  I'm going to take that cock in my hand.  I'm going to make that cock ache like you've never felt before.  Does that sound good boy?   Is your cock hard for me?    God, I love it when boys get like this.  Controlled by their cocks.  You'd do an Show more

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