Alora Lux Self Punishment Part 2

Published: 27.05.2024 More info Hide

We were asked to make a series of custom films of girls dressed only in high heels spanking and otherwise punishing themselves. Here we have the most amazing Alora Lux. Now she is a girl who will admit to liking hurt but would she be able to inflict it on herself? The answer is a most certainly as witnessed by her red and marked bottom at the end of this film.  In the second part she is now well into the hurt that she is getting and finds new ways, including the diaper position to inflict the hurt on herself with swats and strokes from the straps and paddles. Her inner thighs and her pussy both get their fair share of the hurt. It is just against all natural tendencies to inflict hurt on your own body but Alora is a rather special girl who just loves hurt and will go to almost any length to get it. When we offered her the chance to make this film she jumped at it as we knew she would. The result is pretty amazing. Look out for the other parts or the full collection.

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