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Madelaine Rousset: Roleplay JOI CEI - the Nurse's CureHD 22:41
Roleplay JOI CEI - the Nurse's Cure

    Roleplay JOI CEI - the Nurse's Cure

    Published: 31.12.2023 More info Hide

    Poor little thing ; it’s quite a terrible disease you’ve caught there. But worry not, the nurse is here to help with that everlasting boner you’ve got! You will follow her jerk off instructions thoroughly and eat your own cum as a cure. Of course, it works! She’s an educated nurse - her formula are backed up by science. You might be afraid, but you will be denied your first orgasm so that you still feel horny when you get to the tough part. But then, as she guides you to your actual orgasm, she realizes she might have caught your disease and is now sick with horniness. You will come together to heal. Group immunity, it’s called! This time, you will cum AND come, and so will she. Told you, the nurse is here to help.


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