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Sammie Cee: Disappointment of a Stepson Punishment Part 2HD 08:30
Disappointment of a Stepson Punishment Part 2

    Disappointment of a Stepson Punishment Part 2

    Published: 27.12.2023 More info Hide

    I return after having left you tied up. I have a new 'treat' for you. I've been out for a long, hot, sweaty walk, and step-moms feet need a seeing to. As I slip my shoes and socks off you see my feet are filthy. Completely covered in dirt, and I'm rubbing them in your face, demanding they get cleaned by my disappointment of a step-son, you are completely repulsed, which makes me happy, I did not want you getting an erection like last time. I go on to explain how my feet got so dirty, while I keep pressing and rubbing them on your face. While I was at the park I took my shoes off, and walked around the dirt, bits of filth sticking to my feet, then. I walked into the public toilets, and rubbing my bare soles all over the floor, in puddles, around toilet seats, all just for you!!! Don't you try and get away from your step-mother, you are starting to make me angry. After some more foot rubbing, I take off my pants, and explain you will after all be getting used as the toilet.


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