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MF Desires: Gargle and Spit on Your FaceHD 29:40
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Gargle and Spit on Your Face

Published: 25.08.2023 More info Hide

The wonderful Amanda Fabri and Ravena Nury have fun in the room competing in who can make more spit. The beautiful top girls gargle a lot of saliva and make a huge noise with the big spit inside the mouth until the slave Drikita arrives in the room very upset with the noise that the muses Amanda Fabri and Ravena Nury are making. The slave Drikita asks the top girls to stop that annoying noise because she Drikita needs to study, the muses Amanda Fabri and Ravena Nury get irritated with the complaints of the slave Drikita and they decide to punish the slave. For a long time the wonderful Amanda and Ravena gargle in the slave Drikita's ear so that she feels the discomfort up close, Amanda and Ravena also spit on the face and inside the mouth of Drikita causing the slave to go beyond listening to their loud gargles and also swallow the huge spits and all the saliva of top girls. Check out which of our two wonderful top girls won the dispute - the biggest and best spit

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