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My holy feet will bankrupt you and ruin your life! Homewrecking, wife humiliating, foot worship!

Mistress Misha Goldy
12.08.2021 05:39
Look at My perfect feet and Worship them! I know how you want to be there and how you want to lick them and smell! I know that The dirt on My shoes is more important for you than yourself and your ugly fa33m3il3y. I am a supreme queen, the dirt on My feet is holy to you and to your wife ahahah. You should tell your wife that My feet are more important to you than she is! I don't fucking care about your silly f3a3m3il3y! I also don't fucking care about silly retard as you are! I just want your money and just want to ruin you and your fucking beta fa3m33ily with My perfect feet! Leave your wife and work for Me, give Me all your salaries, and maybe then I will let you lick the dirt from My old shoes! I will ruin your stupid fa33m3il3y and will laugh at you with My bf while you will donate Me and lay near My perfect feet like a silly fucking retard! All fucked up, poor and lonely! Show more

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