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A black night in holly "would" part 1

04.12.2020 40:28
Holly is a hot WHITE CHICK that likes to hang out with me for one reason, or should I say 10 inches (LOL). That reason being that I have a HUGE BLACK COCK. When we first met she was a little shy, but now she is a not holding back any longer. This night when out for dinner and a little slot machine fun. After I hit the JackPot, Holly whispered in my ear "Lets go back to your place so you can hit a real JackPot!!! With those words said we left the casino and headed back to my place. I got my trusty camera out and started to engage in my favorite pass time...Fucking on film. This was one to remember. It starts off with Holly on my bed taking a couple of drags from a cig, from there she displays her beautiful body for us. What a ASS!!! It wiggles, jiggles, and sends chills down my spine. After the nude modeling we got down and did our thang. She sucked my cock and even let me shove it do her throat with her head hanging off of the bed. Show more

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