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Lily O'Riley : fetish redhead: Medium Crackers Monster Dildo Stretching OrgasmsHD 12:03
Medium Crackers Monster Dildo Stretching Orgasms

    Medium Crackers Monster Dildo Stretching Orgasms

    Published: 23.08.2023 More info Hide

    Lily's testing out a Medium Crackers - a thick, challenging monster dildo - and needs a slow warmup to take such a big toy. She starts by rubbing her clit over her cute spotted panties, then lightly fingers herself until she's soaked and desperate. For her first stretch, she goes with the Rentman, working the head and girthy shaft inside as she moans and her clit swells with excitement. She fucks herself slow and hard with the big dick until her lips are puffy and pink. Then it's on to Crackers, lubing up the massive curve of its fist-wide shaft and rubbing the enormous head against her tight pussy in an attempt to work it inside. The stretch is super intense and she switches back to Rentman and a pinpoint clitoral vibrator to loosen herself up with a few hard, pulsating orgasms before tackling the Crackers again.

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