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MF Desires: Smell the Fart From My Curvy AssHD 26:09
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Smell the Fart From My Curvy Ass

Published: 24.08.2023 More info Hide

Our top fitness star Vanessa Lee gets irritated with Meg after her slave makes horrible food for our star, the food gave the wonderful Vanessa Lee a lot of gas and stomach trouble. Our muse gets irritated with the slave and decides to give her a big punishment, Vanessa makes Meg smell very loud farts from her big and wonderful ass, Vanessa places and rubs her lush ass in various ways and angles on Meg’s face so that she can smell every one of the muse’s farts. Meg is very upset and can’t stand it anymore, she apologizes to Vanessa but she doesn’t accept it and is sure that Meg needs to pay for what she did to her. Vanessa continues with the punishment without any mercy on the slave until her stomach ache gets better. Check this out!

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