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Belle Blake: Self-degrading LifeguardHD 50:58
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Self-degrading Lifeguard

Published: 23.08.2023 More info Hide

It starts off as a slow heat with gentle teasing as I wait for my regular elite members to join me in the spa reception. Some just arrived, others fresh out of the pool. As the reception fills up the innuendo increases as well as the slutty slut antics. I take my panties off and talk about how I notice your bulge in your swimmers. I have to give a safety demonstration today and I need you all to help me pass. I suggest you follow me to the communal locker rooms, no one will bat an eyelid, and film me as I touch myself. Later I make you promise not to tell, I don't want any angry wives showing up to the spa. We all have our roles to play and I'm very good at mine.

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