I Need to Be Yours Part Three

Published: 13.06.2024 More info Hide

When Lulu Lamb moved into a new neighbourhood she had no idea of just how much her life would change. Fortunately she found a mentor in an older and more mature lady who agreed to keep Lulu in line and punish her when the need arises. Sarah Stern is firm but fair and knows exactly how to keep a fully grown woman who acts like a brat in line. Lulu has already felt her hard hand and the sting of the hairbrush but she is soon to feel the cane. Lulu has committed the ultimate sin of embarrassing her Step Mommy. Poor Lulu knows she has overstepped the mark and has never ever been caned before. She is terrified, especially when Sarah starts swishing her cane in the air. Sarah believes that 12 hard strokes administered to the bare bottom are required and tells Lulu to apologize and ask for each one. Poor Lulu is made to kneel in the naughty chair. Stroke after hard stroke have her close to tears and left with a red and welted bottom. She is then sent to the corner

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