Pixie and the Teacher

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This is a POV film. Pixie has also heard the rumours so is thrilled when she turns up for detention and finds him in charge. She has arrived in rather a short skirt and low cut top and flirts with him. At one stage she pretends to drop her pen and bends over suggestively in front of him to pick it up. She is wearing no knickers and she knows that hes looking at her big bouncing bum. She returns to her desk but decides that she will get him turned on even more. She gets a porno magazine out and starts looking at it. When he questions her, she claims its biology homework. He berates her so she bends over the table and begs him to spank her as she is so naughty. They both know that the only person allowed to do this is Ms Stern. Whilst she is titillating and he is tempted Ms Stern walks into the room. She is far from impressed and puts Pixie over the knee and smacks her bottom hard. Its then the teachers turn to get the hairbrush on his bottom as well

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