A Visit to the Head Master

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He offers to come around and help correct this wayward young woman. Alora is surprised to find him there and even more surprised when she finds out what the Head has in store for her. She is given a choice, as an adult she can leave home and make her own way in life or accept the consequences of her delinquent actions. Dressed in her uniform, she first goes over the knee and is spanked hard on top of her white knickers. Much to her embarrassment, these are soon removed, and the spanking continues on the bare. Her bottom is soon red and sore, but her ordeal is far from over. The headmaster has brought along a heavy strap and Alora is made to stand at the mantelpiece, legs spread and take a prolonged and hard bare bottoming strapping. bent over the punishment stool to receive even more strokes of the wicked strap. After several more stinging strokes, she is then given twelve hard strokes of the cane

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