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Wriggler Room is the place where Miss Wriggler (AKA TigerGirl65 on FetLife) treats the adult world like a kind of Facebook for kinky people. I like to do a big old mix of shots and videos! Ranging from the ‘girl next door’ kinda regular updates where I just do my own thing to me being Mistress Wriggler in a variety of latex dresses, fishnet dresses and other kinky attire. Sometimes you’ll see me in the shower. Sometimes you’ll see me ludicrously horny in the bath. Satan knows why, but mega hot baths make me painfully horny! To the point where it’s difficult to breath! If anyone knows the science behind this, I’d love to know! Sometimes you’ll see my using toys in bed for just a minute. Sometimes you’ll get a full half hour long wank. Sometimes you’ll see me playing with myself and then getting distracted by how fantastic my fingers smell! Sometimes you’ll see a 20 minute POV vid where I’m just showing you exactly how to play with my pubes and clit to really send me wild. Sometimes you won’t really see anything as I’m strategically covered by a sheet. Aside my tummy doing crazy things in accordance with how good something feels. Sometimes you’ll see me going my own version of ‘Keeping Up With Mistress Wriggler’ where I chat to you about my batshit crazy life, whilst also going about day to day activities. Such as showering, being painfully turned on in a super hot bath, applying face cream, massaging my thigh and bum as the muscles are knackered from having cancer in my pelvis 1994 (I was a decade old) then was involved in an accident where they wrenched off the bone but they can’t be fixed back on as I’ve had radiotherapy there, and then they got sliced through during a hip replacement in a October 2017 when I was 33. Sometimes you’ll see me out and about walking my beloved little sidekick. Who is the most incredibly friendly, loving, caring, needy, chatty little terrier who feels compelled to come and say “ Hello “ every time I start talking to the camera. So despite having a wonderful relationship, I am often to be heard saying “ Fuck off dog! “ Sometimes you’ll get to see me singing (badly) and dancing (like Tigger after a couple double espressos) whilst Buddy flies round the flat barking his head off and chasing the laser pen. And sometimes it’ll be just me, doing a ‘bouncing boob boogie’ as I bounce around to one of my favourite songs. Soon to be joining me are some delicious guys with big bellies. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I love mounds and mounds of flesh. There is literally no such thing as ‘too big’ for me’ in fact, the bigger the better! So I want to use this place to show the world how fucking epic being with a big body is in bed! And try and rid the world of its disgusting fat phobia! I want seriously big dudes to see themselves accurately represented in porn at last! Where some slim girl is worshipping the fuck out of him. And not just going through the motions whilst they pretend to enjoy themselves. That’s not what I want to watch. So if I can’t find what I want to watch, then I’d better make it myself, hadn’t I? Which will hopefully bring more SSBHM’s to my door! Hells fucking yeah! Bring. Them. On! For now though, theres a whole range of material coming from a rather unique individual. Some of it will be universally appreciated. Some of it won’t be. But hopefully, there is something for everyone and that you enjoy your stay! You never know, you may end up with a new kink or 2

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Rachel Wrigglers
Rachel Wrigglers

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