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Summoning the concubus

Mxtress Valleycat
08.10.2020 19:57
Have you been feeling so lonely and pathetic that you've resorted to the Occult for some company? Well you should have read the whole entry before attempting the spell... Silly human... Well now I'm here, your new demonic overlord, had you have read up you'd have realised that once I'm summoned I cannot be un-summoned until your soul is mine, and now that I'm here it's you who will be enslaved to me, you will entertain me, you will follow my instructions and do my tasks. Try and struggle if you want but I know you're just going to fall for my soft voice and find yourself following my instructions anyway, I bet you're already breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, and before you know it you will be following along with this guided JOI Show more

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