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Shooting escaled! Dirty used by 3 tails !!

Alexandra Wett
28.09.2021 06:49
I brought 3 neighbors tails to my home at short notice. It was the first time I met with these 3 guys. Is always tricky from the neighborhood, but the horniness prevailed. It all started normally and cool. First of all, I'll have my ass licked. before a thick tail fits in there, it must first be licked softly. While one of them jerks his cock in front of my face, the other pushes his extremely thick cock slowly into my tight ass. It takes a while for it to stick all the way down my ass. But then it gets down to business. The guy fucks me faster and harder in my tight ass. The tits shake and the ass slaps. Again and again he hits my ass cheeks. I had to start screaming loudly. It was just too violent! At the same time extremely awesome. So they had to give me a gag .... I'm already completely exhausted, there comes the third hard fucking piston in my ass. I am now tied up and gagged and totally delivered as usable fuck-meat. But only now is it really getting down to business Show more

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