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Sperm clinic halloween party

Sammi Starfish
14.10.2021 18:20
Hi, I'm 40-yr-old Sammi Starfish, your favorite real life milf wife.  In this video I am a sperm clinic employee and the company is having a Halloween party.  And as a prank my boss has replaced the water in the apple bobbing bucket with 2 full gallons of semen (fake cum was used for this).  So there I go bobbing for apples in a giant bucket of cum.  My clothes and face get completely drenched as I dip my entire head in the bucket.  So messy that I have no choice but to embarrassingly strip out of my clothes and wait in the waiting room while they get cleaned.  Embarrassed naked female covered in semen from head to toe.  Does it get any better than that?  Happy Halloweeen boys. Show more

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