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Continue to spend on me or everyone will see what you did for me in bed! B-mail-fantasy!

Mistress Misha Goldy
26.04.2021 10:02
Hello! I know we have already ended our relationship! But I have a suggestion! I know that you still want to be with Me! And we had a lot of fun together. Do you remember everything that you did for Me in bed? I know you loved trying these new things with Me! If we are no longer together, does this mean that all this must stop? You will continue to pamper Me, spoil Me as you did early and I will fuck with who I want! Yes, just giving Me your cash, go shopping, buying gifts, without touching My body! ahahha! From boyfriend to My little black3m3ailed bitch! What a pity! But it will be good for both of us! And yes, forget to tell, you have to remember that I have all the records of what we did! So you better tell Me - yes, or everyone will see what you did for Me ahahahh Show more

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