Dealing with a Dirty Peeper

Published: 06.07.2024 More info Hide

I must admit I never liked Miss Mathews lodger. There seemed to be something a little bit creepy about him. I tried to warn her, but she claimed he was harmless. That is until the day she caught him peeping at her while she was in the shower. Not only was he her, but he was filming her as well! When she checked his phone camera it transpired that he had been doing it for months and not only to her! When I had taken my shower at hers, he had filmed me as well! What a dirty pervert! She gave me a call and I came straight round. No way was Jim going to get away with this. He begged us not to tell the police and a plan formed in my mind. I got Miss Mathews to give him a cold shower and scrub him all over with the bath brush and I filmed his shame. He was then spanked hard before getting a double dose of the tawse followed by the strap. I think his pervert days may well and truly be over

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