The Refresher Course Part Three

Published: 15.06.2024 More info Hide

A very naughty Lulu knows that if she gets a spanking during the day that she will get spanked again at night. She also knows that Step Mommy will check her panties. Despite Lulu not liking the feeling of a smacked bottom, the thought that Step Mommy will soon come into her bedroom has made her pussy very wet. Poor Lulu knows that there will be extra trouble if it is found that her knickers are dirty so she quickly hides them under the pillow. This was rather silly as wearing no knickers is almost as bad as soiling clean ones. She gets a good hard over the knee hand spanking followed by the hairbrush for her silly deception. To make her punishment even worse Step Mommy Sarah makes her panties absolutely soaking wet and makes Lulu put them back on. The punishment position is also very embarrassing as she is placed in the diaper position.

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