Your Teacher Wants You Punished

Published: 29.06.2024 More info Hide

Sarah has one major rule in her house, that is if a girl is punished at college then she will be punished aty home as well. She is aware that college punishments are not always as severe as they should be. Today Lulu has been sent home after being punished. It takes some time for Sarah to extract the true story of why she was punished but it turns out that Lulu has been caught defacing hymn books. Sarah is very annoyed and is determined that Lulu will be punished for doing this and also for lying about having done it. The first part of this punishment will be the application of a heavy leather paddle to the bare bottom of this naughty girl. She is bent over a hard backed chair, college skirt raised and knickers taken down then a real good and hard paddling

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