I Want to Be Your Girl 2

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She loves her Husband yet craves the touch of her more mature and world wise neighbour. She goes back to Sarah and admits the strong feelings she has and how she thinks she would benefit from being taken in hand and punished whenever she does something wrong. Sarah questions her about her recent behaviour and decides that there should be some rules for Lulu to follow. A panty inspection reveals that Lulus pants have a sopping wet gusset. This means an immediate over the knee spanking is required. Lulu is then sent home to write a naughty list and return for further punishment. Lulu is so desperate to please Sarah that she returns wearing a sexy сollege girl uniform with her naughty list in hand. This grown woman is really beginning to regress Step Mommy sits on the naughty chair and pulls young Lulu over her knee. The hairbrush certainly feels different to the hand

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