Wooden Paddle and Hard Cane for Lulu

Published: 19.06.2024 More info Hide

I have filmed with Lulu many times over the years we have known each other. She is an absolute delight and she has only ever made films for us and has no interest in filming with any other Producers. Lulu is a real-life enthusiast and has a love of thudded implements. She always has and always will hate the cane. I recently got a new one bought for me and was just as eager to give it a go. Lulu suggested that perhaps instead of the cane she could take a good hard spanking with one of my newest wooden paddles. As I knew she would probably enjoy this a little then we came to a compromise. A good hard wooden paddle spanking followed by six hard strokes of my new cane. Lulu did indeed quite like the wooden paddle which meant I could give her a prolonged beating. I also made sure every single one of those six strokes made their mark!

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